Some Tips for Care The Hair

parašė , 2017-09-26 16:38

Use any chemical product only after consulting with your hair expert. But, do not use anything excessively. Always clean your hair after using the particular product. Coloring, straightening, ironing do not harm your hair can order hair online in lokshair if you use these properly and maintain a regimen and after care.

Always be careful about the hair styling gels and creams. These creams and gels choke the pores of your scalp. And, the free growth of hair can be prevented by this.

Any styling products containing alcohol can make your hair dry rapidly. So, avoid this type of products.

Always use a cap before exposing your hair in bright sunlight and heat. Chlorinated water is also a big no for colored hair. If you have just colored your hair then do not expose your hair to the water of swimming pool or sea before 48 hours. Always use a cap before swimming because it affects your hair texture.

Consume a protein rich diet with milk, milk products and pulses. A healthy diet varies individually and it is complex. But always place protein at the top of your diet chart because protein helps you to make your hair grow and the roots to be strong from inside. But protein intake does not mean buying some protein tablets and eating them. Over-the -counter medicines are chemically processed and are not completely absorbed. So, it is advisable that you should take the protein requirements from a good diet preferring raw fruits and green vegetables.

Now a day young generations want to avoid oil on their hair and scalp. But oil massage and hot oil treatment is very helpful for a good healthy hair.

Too much use of shampoo basically strong chemical shampoos are very much harmful for your hair. Follow some ayurvedic means and natural courses for washing your hair. Apply shampoo every alternate day or thrice in ten days.

Going to bed with your hair tightly tied or braided is not good for hair. It weakens the hair roots. You sleeping style, friction between your hair of lokshair and pillow cover, rubbing can damage your hair and cause a hair loss when you will comb your hair next morning. Completely open hair also is not recommended. Try to use satin pillow covers for less friction.

Drink at least six glasses of water daily. Water makes the blood circulations normal and it helps the hair capillaries and follicles stay fit.